12.21.2020 Mayor’s Message

Greetings Folks,

  • For a number of religious Faiths this is a special time of the year.  Whatever your celebration is, remember to include Faith, Hope, Love and Gratitude.
  • North Dakota and Barnes County continue making small improvements on the COVID numbers.  Thank you for your efforts.
  • Family gatherings have been spreaders.  Holidays bring stronger urges to gather with family because they are traditional.  Please pause and use your best judgment. With the vaccine just around the corner and continued masking etc. progress will continue.  The light at the end of the tunnel is a little brighter so “keep on keeping on”.
  •  That we are a Municipal Power Community, our Electrical Department is always watching for opportunities to reduce peak load growth as a cost saving measure for us.  Recently our Electrical Department partnered with the Airport Authority on a lighting project producing the aforementioned savings.  Through MRES and Bright Energy Solutions there may be something for you.  https://www.mrenergy.com/services/energy-efficiency
  • Nice:  Thank you to our Fire Fighters who helped assemble Christmas Food Boxes last week.
  • * PLEASE, recycle cardboard boxes etc.  Thank you.

May the simple joys of this time of year bring peace to your heart and fill your home with cheer.”   (Leanin’ Tree)                                                   

Blessings, Pray, Be Safe and Be Kind,


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