12.28/2020 Mayor’s Message

Hello Everyone,

  • I hope you all had a Blessed and safe “longer weekend”.  The weather cooperated, well, “most of the time”.  The Sunday morning snow was a pretty white, it brightened the city and was soft on which to walk. J  Decorative lighting even looks more vivid.  The snow provides some insulating qualities and should help limit the depth of the frost. 
  • Thanks to all of you who have been battling to reduce the COVID numbers in our area.  Barnes County and North Dakota have made great strides though many places around the United States have numbers on the increase.  Congratulations on your progress; beware of complacency as it can wreck all you have accomplished.
  • We celebrated Christmas at our house and while the “reason for the season” is the birth of Jesus, we were without our immediate family.  We have always gathered with family at Christmas, but with the COVID, this year it was Sue, our dog, our cat and me.  I am grateful for the good company and for the ability to communicate with many family members.  I hope you had some experiences for which you can be grateful this year as well.
  • This week is New Years; enjoy while using your best judgment.

 “Never let yesterday use up too much of today.”                                                                               (Will Rogers)                                                   

Blessings, Pray, Be Safe and Be Kind,


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