4.26.2021 Mayor’s Message

“Hi Everybody”,  (Herb Carneal, Minnesota Twins)

  • Last week was a time of continuing education for many of us.  Workshops were held by Missouri River Energy Services, (MRES), in Sioux Falls and the North Dakota League of Cities, (NDLC) in Bismarck.  Brenda Klein and Avis Richter were recognized for their achievements in the NDLC Leadership Training Program, congratulations.
  •  “SMOKERS”.  Will you please consider carrying a receptacle to contain cigarette butts and wrappers?  They do not decompose well and many end up in people’s yards.  You can make a difference, thank you.
  • “Everybody”.  Other refuse is strewn throughout the city and county too.  Please carry a container as per the aforementioned.  If you see something on the ground, please pick it up.  You can make a difference, thank you.
  • The Legislative Session will likely conclude this week.  Our legislators had to sort through hundreds of bills and make many tough decisions while representing citizens of North Dakota.  Thank you all for serving.
  • Last week, some COVID “front line workers” were mentioned.  An omission on my part is the National Guard.  They helped facilitate mass testing, vaccinations and whatever else was needed.  Please say “Thank you”.
  • Last Thursday Mary O’Neill from the North Dakota Forest Service provided a pruning seminar on the VCSU Campus.  “If young trees are pruned to promote good structure, they will likely remain serviceable in the landscape more years than trees that have not been structurally pruned”. https://www.ag.ndsu.edu/ndfs/programs-and-services/community-forestry
  • Take pride in how your property looks.
  • * Please consider having a COVID vaccination, the vaccine seems to be working well.
  •  “Now and then it is good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.”                                            (Guillaume Apollinaire)                                                   

Blessings, Be Kind, Be Respectful and Pray


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