6.13.2021 Mayor’s Message

Hi Everybody,

  • Great News:  Valley City’s Annual Drinking Water Report is again “Top Notch”.  Our goal is to continually improve and maintain the quality of our water.  Along with providing high quality water, Valley City drinking water has been voted the best tasting water in the state as well.  Kudos to Wade and Sherry at our water treatment plant for all of their great work.
  • Having a pet is a blessing.  That said having a pet also includes the responsibility to feed, groom and pick up its “poop”.  People have mentioned that some pets are allowed to defecate in people’s lawns and it is left there.  I have seen feces left in several places on the shared use paths!  Please folks, SVFA and VCPR provide bags and dispensers, “PICK UP”.
  • If you are thinking a COVID Vaccination is not for you, will you please reassess a bit?  If your concern is physical, results seem to show risks are fewer than some other shots we take regularly.  If your concern is personal, consider that people without the vaccination can spread the virus to young or high-risk family and close friends.  If your concern is political, please weigh the political importance with importance of protecting your family and friends. Call 845-8518 for information.
  • “Rally In the Valley” is Saturday June 19th.  There are always a plethora of events for your enjoyment.  See https://valleycitynd.org/pages/rally for details.  Make plans with your family and friends to join you in Valley City for “Rally In the Valley”.
  • STOP by and see the Hi-Line Prairie Gardens & Orchard.  Many people have worked diligently making it beautiful, https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Park/Hi-Line-Prairie-Gardens-Orchard-1254425128059152/
  • * * Thank you to this week’s contributors
  • “Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there.” (John Wooden) Blessings, Be Kind, Be Respectful and Pray,


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