12.13.2022 Planning and Zoning Minutes

Chair Mike Schell presided and called the meeting to order at 4:00 on Tuesday December 13th, 2022. Commissioners present: Jim Wright, Bobby Koepplin, Jeff Erickson, and Bill Carlblom Commissioners Absent: Dave Carlsrud, Joe Faure                                                                      Others: City Attorney Carl Martineck, City Administrator Gwen Crawford, City Assessor/Acting Secretary Tina Current, Building Inspector/Asst Fire Chief Lance Coit                                                                                      Attending by Zoom City Planner Joel Quanbeck                                                                      Audience members: Josh Nathan, Bob McCallister, Dan Miller

Commissioner Jim Wright moved to approve the minutes of the November 8th, 2022 regular meeting seconded by Commissioner Bill Carlblom. Motion passed with unanimous approval.

Building Inspector Report                     

Building Inspector/Asst Fire Chief Lance Coit gave a report in the last month the city has only had demo permits.

Public hearing regarding alleged violation of VCMC § 11-06-18 – Automobile Repair; consider assessment of fee(s). Zoning Code Violation – 444 3rd St. NE.  

Chair Schell opened the public hearing. City attorney Carl Martineck explained the violation of a motor vehicle parked in the driving way for weeks if not months at Josh Nathan residence at 444 3rd ST NE. The vehicle has been on blocks and the hood up and clearly being worked on. Notices were sent out stating he was in violation of the zoning code and no action was taken. Vehicles were also parked in the front yard which is also violation. Josh Nathan said the vehicle is no longer on blocks and is not being worked on.                                                                                         

Commissioner Jim Wright made a motion to closed the public hearing. Seconded by Commissioner Bill Carlblom.            

Commissioner Bobby Koepplin made a motion to wave the fine if the vehicle is moved off the sidewalk within two days. Seconded by Commissioner Bill Carlblom. Followed by roll call and unanimous approval.

Public hearing for replat and variance subdividing auditor’s lot into 5 lots to allow sale of portions of the land. New subdivision to be named “Diamond B Subdivision”

Chair Schell opened the public hearing. Bob McCallister asked questions about the septic system and also asked who is going to take care of the road. McCallister also brought in pictures of the area of the replat during flooding. City Planner Joel Quanbeck explained the area for replat is zoned R1. Commissioner Carlblom made a motion to close public hearing. Seconded by Commissioner Wright.

Internal discussion was had about the area for replat is in the floodplain and some floodway. Decision continued about the lot sizes and the lots size needed to build on. The lot size needed for a septic system. The current size of lots would be restricted. David Bjornson who submitted the replat and variance application was not at the meeting. Commissioner Bobby Koepplin move to table the replat. Seconded by Commission Jim Wright. Motion passed unanimously.

Discussion of zoning for outdoor self-storage rental space.

Building Inspector/Asst Fire Chief Lance Coit explained that a business in B2 is also renting out spaces for storage. The business is on main street. Coit would like the commission to clarify if a business in B2 can rent self-storage spots.  Discussion was also had about if self-storage can be inside and outside storage. The recommendation was to have Coit require a conditional use permit for a business in B2 to have self-storage.

Approval of Updated Zoning Map

Commissioner Wright made a motion to approve the updated zoning map. Seconded by Commissioner Koepplin. Motion passed with unanimous approval.

Planning and Zoning Commission Approved the April meeting date to Wednesday April 12th,2023

Other Business                                                                                 

Commissioner Bobby Koepplin has given his notice to resign from the planning and zoning commission as of December 31st, 2022


With no other items to discuss, Chair Schell called the meeting to close at 5:31pm.

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