3.14.2023 PZ Minutes

Chair Mike Schell presided and called the meeting to order at 4:00 on Tuesday March 14th, 2022. Commissioners present: Jim Wright, Jeff Erickson, Bill Carlblom, and Tim Durheim             Attending by zoom Commissioner Dave Carlsrud and City Administrator Gwen Crawford     Absent: Joe Faure                                                                                                                         Others: City Attorney Carl Martineck, , City Assessor/Acting Secretary Tina Current, Building Inspector/Asst Fire Chief Lance Coit City Planner Joel Quanbeck Audience members: Roslyn Johnson, and David Bjornson

Commissioner Jim Wright moved to approve the minutes of the December 13th, 2022 regular meeting seconded by Commissioner Jeff Erickson. Motion passed with unanimous approval.

Building Inspector Report                     

Building Inspector/Asst Fire Chief Lance Coit gave a report in the last month there has been 4 permits given. The permits were for one addition, one drain tile, and two signs.

Public hearing regarding replat of lots 13 & 14, Grangers Sub – New plat Eric Johnson Subdivision.  

Chair Schell opened the public hearing. Roslyn Johnson explain to the commission she platted the lots to be able to sell. The property is to much for her to maintain. Roslyn will be making three lots and the lots do have city water and sewer.

Commissioner Jim Wright made a motion to closed the public hearing. Seconded by Commissioner Jeff Erickson.  

Internal discussion was had about the replat. City planner Quanbeck report recommend minor requirements for the preliminary plat are addressed by providing adjoining land ownership information, indication the area of each lot in square feet, and providing a drawing showing how stormwater drainage is managed. Chair Mike Schell asked City Planner Joel Quanbeck to verify that the conditions are addressed.

Commissioner Jim Wright made a motion to approve the replat with conditions recommended in the City Planners report. Seconded by Commissioner Bill Carlblom. Followed by roll call and unanimous approval.      

Discussion and recommendation for replat and variance subdividing auditor’s lot into 5 lots to allow sale of portions of the land. New subdivision to be named “Diamond B Subdivision”

Dave Bjornson spoke about his replat and the modifications he has made to it since the last meeting. Bjornson would like to sell the property in pieces and sell lot one. He would like to separate the house and the shop from the rest of the property. The plat has been modified from the original plat brought to the commission.

Internal discussion was had about the area for replat. This area is in the floodplain and some floodway. The commission also has concerns if someone would buy this property. The commission talked about having the land owner getting a LOMR done. City Attorney Carl Martineck recommendation was to table the discussion to do more research on if we can legally require the LOMR. Commissioner Jim Wright made a motion to table this discussion. Seconded by commissioner Carlblom

Discussion on parking and storage of a vehicle in the rear yard of residential lot                  (V.C.M.C 11-16-16(4))

Discussion was had allowing two vehicles in the back yard with no restrictions. If the home owner has three vehicles in the back yard an improved surface or fence would be required. A vehicle is items such as a trailer, boat, car, or anything that can be used to transport something. Home owners would still have to follow the improved surface and fencing requirements.

 Commissioner Erickson made a motion to approve the changes allowing two vehicles in the back yard with no restrictions. If more than two vehicles an improved surface or a fence needs to be in place. Seconded by Commissioner Carlblom.

Roll Call:Erickson – aye: Carlsrud – aye; Carlblom – aye; Schell – aye: Durheim – aye: Wright – nay Motion carried.

Other Business    

Commissioner Joe Faure will be moving to Fargo in July. Planning and Zoning Commission will be looking for a new member in the extraterritorial area of Valley City.                                                                                                                      


With no other items to discuss, Chair Schell called the meeting to close at 5:01pm.

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