8.1.2023 Finance Minutes

Called to Order

President Carlsrud called the meeting to order at 3:30 PM.

Roll Call

Members present: President Carlsrud, Commissioner Magnuson, Commissioner Bishop, and Commissioner Erickson

Others present: City Attorney Martineck, City Administrator Crawford via Zoom, Deputy Auditor Klein, Administrative Assistant Hintz

Department Reports

Sanitation Department

Sanitation Supervisor Swart reported on the automated garbage process and stated that the numbers for trash cans facing the wrong direction is down. Hint: the handle should always face your house. She also reminded us that any branches left at the grass sites should be 3’ in diameter or smaller.

Fire Department

Assistant Fire Chief Coit reported on the calls for service for July. Scuba gear was tested and checked over this past week. He is now working on fire extinguishers & fire inspections. He will be attending the National Flood Protection Insurance Program sponsored by FEMA.

Police Department

Police Chief Hatcher reported the police department is working on a transition plan with his leaving this Friday 8.4.23.

Electric Department

Electrical Superintendent Senf reported on the current outage report. He discussed the “blinks” that people are experiencing are caused mainly by squirrels, birds & trees. The city is running on 2 subs and using 9 circuits. Project with Columbia Grain to switch lines from overhead to underground, Senf will be ordering the equipment for this project pending approval by the commission and an agreement has been signed by both parties.

Street Department

Operations Supervisor Klemisch reported that there was a water leak in front of Alley Beans, he feels that there will be more digging and repairing of couplers and pipe as this project continues. The work being done on 5th Ave NW is not a city project: A Resident is putting in a new sewer service. 3 Employees passed their CDL test. This makes all Employees in that department licensed CDL drivers. The Team is also working on the School Crossing painting.  Salt has been ordered.

Review monthly bills/reports

Deputy Auditor Klein reported on the July expenditures.

Discussion on Viking Estates

David Wick commented on facilitating the work progress on the Viking Drive Estates and other projects.

Discussion on VCMC 5-01-20. Feeding of deer and wild birds prohibited

City Attorney Martineck discussed the ordinance. Brandi Johnson reported on the issues that she is encountering when enforcing such as homeowners scattering large amounts & large pieces of corn and bread. Suggested that the feed must be in some type of feeder or container. Concerned for the amount of deer, vermin and rodents that this feeding causes.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:04 PM.

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