7.11.2023 Planning and Zoning Minutes



Chair Mike Schell presided and called the meeting to order at 4:00 on Tuesday July 11th, 2023. Commissioners present: Jim Wright, Bill Carlblom, Jeff Erickson, Dave Carlsrud and Tim Durheim                     

Others City Administrator Gwen Crawford, City Assessor/Acting Secretary Tina Current     Building Inspector/Asst Fire Chief Lance Coit, City Engineer Chad Petersen (KLJ) Tracy Eslinger (Moore) City Planner Joel Quanbeck, Donny Eberle, Aaron McConuaughey, Bruce and Kathryn Jacobson

Commissioner Bill Carlblom moved to approve the minutes of the May 9th, 2023 regular meeting seconded by Commissioner Tim Durheim. Motion passed with unanimous approval.

Building Inspector Report                    

Building inspector Mike Blevins had emailed a report of current permits. Building inspector Lance Coit reported he has had some permits for decks, egress windows, and foundation repairs.

Public Comments

Bruce Jacobson spoke about his concerns with the new home he bought. He explained how his flooring needs to be replaced after a year and a half. The contractor will not warranty the floor, or fix it. Bruce was looking for advice on how to move forward with this problem. The planning and zoning commission told Bruce Jacobson this is a civil matter and he will need to hire a lawyer, or small claims court may be able to help.

Public hearing on variance to allow a 12×16 shed 5ft off property line.  

Chair Schell opened the public hearing. City Planner Joel Quanbeck explained the reason the variance has been requested. Our normal setbacks are 25ft rear yard setback. Donny Eberle’s house is addressed different than normal addressing. If his property was addressed how the address should be he could use the side yard 7ft set back. This is a new development, and all the roads are not constructed yet. When this property was addressed, the City employee who assign addresses he had not seen the layout. When more roads are put in and the development grows, Eberle will need to change their address.

Commissioner Bill Carlblom made a motion to closed the public hearing. Seconded by Commissioner Jeff Erickson.  

Commissioner Erickson made a motion to approve the variance with a 7ft setback not 5ft, with the intent of the variance not needed when Eberle address is changed after more roads are constructed.

Seconded by Commissioner Tim Durheim

Followed by roll call and unanimous approval.

Public hearing for a conditional use permit to operate Mac’s Bait & Tackle – Aaron McConaughey.

Chair Schell opened the public hearing. Aaron McConaughey spoke and explained he is the owner of the new business Mac’s Bait and Tackle. He is asking permission to operate in his home until the building on West Main Street becomes available.  He is waiting on the current tenant to move out. Aaron currently has a full-time job and operates few hours in the evenings and on the weekends. City Planner Joel Quanbeck explained a couple things he would recommend if approve, such as hours of operation, parking and signage. The conditional use permit should have an end date also.

Commissioner Bill Carlblom made a motion to close the public hearing. Seconded by Commissioner Dave Carlsrud  

Commissioner Bill Carlblom made a motion to approve the conditional use permit with a deadline of Oct 31, 2023 as long as the following conditions are met: and Lance Coit – building inspector will follow up with the applicant

  1. Hours of operation be limited to 7a.m. to 9p.m. and cannot be full time
  2. Any sign for the home occupation meets the signage requirements of Title 7 of the Valley City Municipal Code.
  3. Have adequate parking

Seconded by Commissioner Jeff Erickson

Followed by roll call and unanimous approval.

Other Business

Discussion was held regarding the property at 226 2nd Ave SE. it was recommended Lance Coit tell the property owner to provide documentation the property is not in the flood plan. We can move forward after the documentation has been turned in.


With no other items to discuss, Chair Schell called the meeting to close at 4:53pm.

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