Mayor’s Message

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Thank you Everyone & Welcome Back

  • Thank you all for your efforts with Social Distancing.  At every conference call and press conference we hear  “Social Distancing is the most effective method of slowing COVID-19”. 
  • Welcome home to grandparents, parents, other family, students (Spring Break) and friends who have been rejuvenating in warmer climates.  In your travels home, “exposure” to high-risk situations was very likely for all of you.  So to protect your family and friends, PLEASE consider self-quarantine for 14 days and ALWAYS practice Social Distancing.
  • With changes in our society like working from home and online schooling, “How are you doing”?  Many parents, brothers and sisters aren’t use to being together in the house this much.  Be sure you all get some “space” as your mental health is critical.  How about going for a short walk, a bike ride or some little activity for which you don’t normally have time.   From there, simply respect and be kind to everyone, especially those closest to you J.
  • North Dakota is having a slow rise in COVID-19 cases and that is a good thing as every slow day gives our health care system another day to catch up.
  • Pray to your God, keep the Faith and continue your great efforts.

Thank you,

Dave Carlsrud

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