7.11.2021 Mayor’s Message

Hi Everybody,

  • I hope your week has been safe & good with a little fun.
  • Sue and I went to Medora with my brother and sister-in-law last week.  Theodore Roosevelt National Park is truly one of our North Dakota “jewels”.  We enjoyed the friendly people, park, the musical, Teddy Roosevelt Show”, “Legendary, A Campfire Tale” and numerous other things.  Medora is one of many ND places to visit with family and friends.  See: https://www.ndtourism.com/
  • NOTE:  Garbage containers and racks are only allowed on boulevards temporarily for “garbage pickup”.  Please keep your boulevards “clean”.  Thank you.
  • “Participation is Essential to Self Government”.  (Union Farmer)  The United States is a system of self-government where citizens control, city, state & national through voting and participating. (Union Farmer)  Participate in your local government by running for office or serving on committees.  Volunteer for a committee by contacting City Hall.  If you try serving and find it isn’t for you, you can always resign.  Think about it.
  • Trees need water and many Birch Trees are stressing.  Take care of your tree(s) as you can make a difference, thank you.
  • August 5th, be watching for “The Longest Table”.  For details see: http://www.vclongesttable.org/
  • Thank you to contributors again this week.
  • “Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground”         (Theodore Roosevelt) Blessings, Be Respectful, Be Kind and Pray,


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