10.16.2022 Mayor’s Message

      Hello Everybody,

  • One of the great things about living here is our 4-seasons.  On the other end of the spectrum are the anxieties connected with the changing of the 4-seasons; “I wish spring would get here”, “Boy, I am really ready for summer” ….. well you get the idea.  It may be a bit like going into the lake, it’s a little uncomfortable to start, but okay once in it.
  • “Phishing”!  Cyber Security is critical to all of us.  This week was a new one for me, someone created a FaceBook Page looking like it came from me attempting to “Phish” a friend of mine.  Learn all the Cyber Security you can to protect  yourself, family and friends.
  • THANK YOU to all drivers who are honoring “pedestrians’ right-of-way”.  A gal told me “there are some drivers who cut it a bit close, but about 75% of drivers have been honoring right-of-way”.
  • The Valley City Fire Department (VCFD) purchased a different “Pumper Truck” which arrived last week.  Our old one was on its last leg to qualify for Insurance Service Office (ISO) rating standards.  Kudos to the VCFP Team as they found a nice used Pumper Truck, saving the city about $660K.
  • Sunday the VCFD celebrated Fire Prevention Week with fire truck rides, demonstrations, food & fellowship.  New VCFD Members were “Pinned” and others were recognized for educational achievement.  To VCFD Members, your families and friends, thank you for your commitments to Valley City and Barnes County.
  • Pizza boxes are cardboard, please recycle.
  • Thank you to all who helped with topics and proofing again this week. 
  • “We are continually faced by great opportunities brilliantly disguised as insoluble problems.”                   (Lee Iacocca)
  • Blessings, Respect, Kindness and Prayers, 


Dave Carlsrud 

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