3.18.2024 Mayor’s Message



  • Hi Everybody,
  • While many of us are grateful for the mild winter we are incurring, please remember those folks whose livelihoods are related to “normal” winters and say a little prayer for them.
  • Clean-up Week will be in May, please be watching to identify acceptable materials and when to put them out.   
  • Saturday the VCBC Library hosted a nice fundraising event to help with maintenance on the beautiful Carnegie Building.  In case you were unable to attend, there is still time for you to help so please stop in or call the library, 701-845-3821.
  • Last week was an MRES Board Meeting with O&M, generation, transmission and legislative actions being topics.  Some challenges are supply chains, timing of maintenance and communicating with legislators to ensure adequate, reliable power.  When we “flip the light switch”, it is nice that the light comes “on”!  In February, Valley City’s Municipal Power was “on” 99.99999 % of the time. Thank you to ALL who make that happen.
  • Women’s History Month runs through March, and you may find researching these people to be interesting.  Actress Grace Kelly became a princess and was pretty too.  Tennis star Billie Jean King became most influential in sports.
  • Tuesday March 19th is the first day of spring though depending on the year it could be the 20th or the 21st. This is also the vernal equinox marking when the sun is directly over the equator.  In addition to that, baseball, golf and all sorts of good stuff begin. YAY!
  • For your safety: Do not text & drive!  Walk & jog against traffic so traffic in your lane is in front of you instead of behind you and wear bright/hi-viz clothing to be seen.
  • Thanks to all who provide and proof material for this article.                    
  • You can never really live anyone else’s life, not even your child’s. The influence you exert is through your own life, and what you have become yourself.”   ~ Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Blessings, Pray, be Grateful and Respectful,


Dave Carlsrud

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