3.5.2024 Finance Minutes

City Commission Finance Meeting

Valley City, North Dakota

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

2:30 PM

Called to Order

President Carlsrud called the meeting to order at 3:30 PM.

Roll Call

Members present: President Carlsrud, Commissioner Magnuson, Commissioner Erickson, Commissioner Bishop, Commissioner Gulmon

Others present: City Administrator Crawford, City Attorney Martineck, Deputy Auditor Johnson, Administrative Assistant Hintz

New Items

Red River Water Supply Project

Guest Greg Bischoff, Barnes County’s Representative on the Garrison Diversion Board, shared an update on the Red River Water Supply Project.  A project to supply emergency water to central & eastern North Dakota during times of water scarcity so as to protect public health, ensure economic vitality and provide environmental benefits in the river systems.

NW Industrial Park

Discuss selling city owned lots in NW Industrial Park. Commissioner Bishop asked Jennifer Feist with the VCBC Development Corp to discuss the use of the land in the NW Industrial Park for Non-Primary Sector purposes. In the interest of development & putting that land in the hands of the private sector, the VCBCDC feels it is a good idea.

Clean-Up Week

Sanitation Supervisor Swart started the discussion on Clean-Up Week tentatively set for May 13–18, 2024. Swart shared a few ideas and changes that may need to be made due to the number of Trucks currently in the fleet. The consensus of the Commissioners was to continue as is by renting a truck to assist with pick up. Educating the Citizens of Valley City on what can and cannot be disposed of, as well as how to separate their piles of garbage for a more efficient clean-up. Citizens not following the guidelines set forth will not have their trash picked up.  

Department Reports

Sanitation Department

Sanitation Supervisor Swart reminded all not to put your garbage container on a snow bank, that they need 3’ of clearance around the container, your handles should face the house & it must be out for pick-up by 7:00AM.  

Electric Department

Electrical Superintendent Senf reported that his team is staying busy with Service Orders, Lights & Trees. They are working on their gateway issues and getting this cleared up.

Fire Department

Fire Chief Magnuson reported on their Calls for Service. Magnuson & Coit are currently working on some nuisance items, letters were mailed out prior to the recent snow storm. The boat is about completely ready, then on to the preparations for the pick-up. Looking for alternate locations for Fire Equipment parking this summer during the construction project. The Ariel is an issue. Hydrants, whether City owned or Privately owned, must be fixed and can not just be shut off. Private hydrants must be tested yearly. Looking into an ordinance for this issue. Magnuson shared that the Department is involved in the Chili Cook-Off at the Winter Show this year. They are also working on their yearly fundraiser being held March 23rd.

Police Department

Chief Horner shared that his Department is working with the Sheriff’s Office and the Highway Patrol Department to have extra enforcement during the ND Winter Show. The Department is applying for grants to assist in the purchase of Cameras for inside & outside the Police Department to cover a few blind spots and to update the current door security system. They are also waiting to hear on a grant they applied for to purchase body cameras. There are currently 3 open positions that they are trying to fill.

Street Department

Operations Supervisor Klemisch reported on the snowstorm & the clean-up that followed. Ben Lokken passed the Treatment 4 License Exam so now is a Certified Level 4 Operator which is the highest level in North Dakota and the level of our Valley City Water Plant.


City Administrator Crawford shared that on March 23, 2024 there will be a walk through with AE2S at the Water Plant to give us an over all game plan for future projects and maintenance.

Review monthly bills/reports

Deputy Auditor Johnson reported expenditures in the amount of $1,399,702. for the month.

New Items Continued

Discuss Amendments to Alcoholic Beverage License Code. City Attorney Martineck discussed:

  1. License fees – Streamline the fees
    1. New license for professional services businesses – Need a new class of license
    1. New license for entertainment facilities – Need a new class of license
    1. Guidelines for special event permits – No specifications for precautions
    1. Lookback period for violations – Possibly change title and change to 2 years
    1. Dates for renewal – Currently from July 1 to June 30. State is due January 1
    1. Administrative hearing procedures – Need to clarify the procedures process
    1. Server training certificates – New process to track these certificates

Discuss Commissioner Responsibilities Including Appointment of City Officials. City Attorney Martineck shared that the initial discussion on this topic was held in December so he is bringing it back for further discussion and direction. An Ordinance will be put together to clarify who should be appointed officer. In Code it states the Mayor is the Chief Executive Officer of the City. When you have a City Manager or City Administrator system, most of the Chief Executive Officer’s powers transfer to the City Administrator. The executive officer is the person who has the power to execute the laws and the City Commission is the Legislative Body that makes the laws. Martineck suggested, for the balance of powers, leave the Mayor as the Chief Executive Officer in Code and add those powers will be suspended during the period of having a City Administrator or a City Manager.

Review Recommended Changes to Valley City Urban Functional Classification System for Submittal to NDDOT for Review and Consideration. City Engineer reviewed the information and the submission is due onto the ND Department of Transportation by April 1, 2024.

Discussion on the Junk Ordinance for Main Street. Commissioner Magnuson started discussion on what, if anything, can be done about the locations along main street as it relates to junk. An ordinance can be drawn up regarding this topic but it will affect all citizens. Currently this is handled on a case by case process.

Discussion Regarding a Change to Paving Project 125 (2nd Ave NE/3rd St NE/4th St NE/3rd Ave NE) in regards to Parking for the Fire Hall. Administrator Crawford shared the quotes for concrete vs. recycled asphalt to include additional parking for the Fire Department during the project this summer. Her recommendation is to move forward with the additional parking but requiring the Firemen to abide by the current parking guidelines.  The consensus of the Commission is to move ahead with the recycled asphalt option for now.

SLWA Quick Start Guide Update President Carlsrud and Commissioner Erickson informed the Commission on the Service Line Warranties of America program. They explained the relationship between the two entities and gave an overview of program being offered. It was also stated that the repairs will be done by Licensed Contractors with the City of Valley City. This program is intended to give Valley City Residents an option for their service lines.

Discuss Finance Meeting Times. President Carlsrud brought up discussion on the times for the Finance meeting and how they seem to need adjusting monthly. It was decided that the Agenda will be reviewed the on Thursday afternoon the week prior and a time set.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:57 PM.

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