10.9.2022 Mayor’s Message

“Greetings Everyone,

  • Will you help?  There have been some acts of vandalism in our area recently.  Will you please stop?
  • Last Thursday night there was a “hard frost” which caused certain varieties of trees to drop their leaves.  That there was no wind, leaves landed peacefully in circles under trees.  There was a plethora of beautiful sights around town and, oh ya, lot’s of leaves to pick up.
  • The demand for peace officers around our area and state is grave.  One place you can learn about the need is at our Police Station and another is Lake Region State College (LRSC).  See www.lrsc.edu to learn of upcoming academies.
  • Recycling is important for our environment and because transferring our garbage to dump sites is becoming more expensive, we are battling price increases.  You can help, please be part of the solution.  
  • Over the weekend Sue and I were isolated due to positive tests for COVID.  Sue had some symptoms for a couple days though I was asymptomatic, we are doing fine and are grateful.  This week we’ll have some days of masking when around people to complete the protocol.  
  • There are a number of city committees, boards and a commission on which one can serve Valley City and its citizens.  People serving are from all walks of life, parents, business owners, just like many of you.  Thank  you to all who take time to serve and I invite “you” to serve. Contact Brandy @ 845-8125.
  • A little health note, research shows walking is beneficial for our health.  Think about going to the store; park a block away, park at the farthest corner of the lot or just walk to the store.  Consider walking even if it is just a little.
  • Thank you to all who helped with topics and proofing again this week. 
  • “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”                                                                                                                               (Ronald Reagan)
  • Blessings, Respect, Kindness and Prayers, 


Dave Carlsrud 

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