2.20.2024 Commission Minutes

City Commission Meeting
Valley City, North Dakota

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

President Carlsrud called the meeting to order at 5:00 PM.

Members present: President Carlsrud, Commissioner Bishop, Commissioner Gulmon, Commissioner Erickson, Commissioner Magnuson

Others: City Administrator Crawford, City Attorney Martineck, Finance Director Klein, Administrative Assistant Hintz.



Commissioner Erickson moved to remove New Business item 3. Consider Repeal of Resolution 2411 pertaining to advisory vote on flavored e-liquids and e-cigarettes, seconded by Commissioner Magnuson.

Motion passed unanimously.


Commissioner Bishop moved to Approve Minutes from the 2.6.2024 Finance and Commission Meetings, the 2.10.2024 Special Commission Meeting and the 2.12.2024 Special Commission Meeting, seconded by Commissioner Erickson.  Motion passed unanimously.


ORD 1147 An ordinance to amend and reenact sections 5-01-01 and 5-01-02, and create and enact section 5-01-00.1, related to possession of animals.

Commissioner Magnuson moved to approve, seconded by Commissioner Gulmon.

Roll Call Vote: Magnuson – Aye, Erickson – Nay, Bishop – Aye, Gulmon – Aye, Carlsrud – Aye, Motion Approved.


Approve Task Order for Construction Engineering for the 2nd Ave NW/3rd St NW/4th St N Reconstruction Project [NDDOT Project Number UGP-2-990(067), PCN 23951].

Commissioner Gulmon moved to approve, seconded by Commissioner Bishop.

Roll Call Vote: Erickson – Nay, Bishop – Aye, Gulmon – Aye, Magnuson – Aye, Carlsrud – Aye, Motion Approved.

Approve NDDOT Urban Roads Project Submittal List for Fiscal Year 2025-2028.

Commissioner Bishop moved to approve, seconded by Commissioner Magnuson. Motion passed unanimously.


City Administrator Crawford updated the Commissioners on moving the VCSU recycling location to the current Handy Home and Hardware location and expand the current capacity.

Training will be held for the City Staff on the Service Line Warranty Program that was offered last summer. This will be an opportunity for questions to be asked and answered so that staff is prepared when the letters go out to the Residents.

City Attorney Martineck explained that the Public Hearing on the Dangerous Building at 340 3rd St SE will not be happening as the owner has agreed to demolish the structure. A signed agreement should be completed by month’s end.

Finance Director Klein shared that a CD was renewed and at a higher interest rate.

Police Chief Horner reminded all that with the warmer weather there will be more people out and about. Yield to people in the crosswalks and right of ways. Also, with the fluctuating temperatures, let your cars warm up and melt the frost or scrape the windows for good visibility.

City Engineer stated that the Lead-Free ND post cards have been mailed out to Valley City Residents. The City is urging Residents to respond to the survey by using the QR code or call the Water Service Hotline @ 701.751.8363.

Commissioner Gulmon commented on the 12.31.2023 budgets and that the revenues did outpace the expenses. Kudos to the staff for managing the budgets this year. 

Mayor Carlsrud warned of the thawing & freezing ice on the river and to be careful. The Lead Line Inventory is legitimate and is simple enough that he was able to do this without Suzie’s help.  Thank you to all the Employees for taking care of Valley City.


Meeting was adjourned at 5:23 P.M.

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